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About Blue Heron Campground:

Blue Heron Campground is located near the mouth of the Hocking and Ohio River in Coolville, Ohio. We offer a relaxing environment with rustic scenery. The river is deep off of the dockage and allows for easy access for boats. What was once a bustling port for goods is now a relaxing area near the beautiful Ohio River. It is a unique experience in nature, with the convenience of modern amenities.

Our season runs from April 1st to November 1st

To book a reservation,
please call 740-667-0416

Directions to Blue Heron Campground

The Coolville / Hockingport area is part of the oldest settlements in Ohio.

The property the campground is located on is between the towns of Coolville and Hockingport, but can be found on the 1877 atlas.

Area History of Hockingport:

Hockingport was one of the earliest settlements of Athens county.

It was the shipping point for the whole lower half of the Hocking Valley. The area was densely populated until the great flood of 1913, which destroyed the town. At its peak, the town featured busy marinas, machinery shops, two schools and a luxury hotel.

It was, before the railroads came in, the most important point in the county besides Athens.

Area History of Coolville:

Coolville itself was the first settlement of Athens county, followed by Athens and Nelsonville. The town was founded in 1818 by Samuel Cooley.

The town was originally called Cooleysville, but was changed to Coolville for phonetic reasons.

The town was a busy place and featured everything from a working mill, machinery shop and textiles.